Latest Trendy Summer Dresses For Girls by Taana Baana

Latest Trendy Summer Dresses For Girls by Taana Baana (8)

Taana Baana the best and famous industry In Pakistan. TAANA Baana is embroidered fabric store that provide its clients the look complete, stylish and elegant, save them time, effort and is working the in big and popular cities in Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi,  etc. Taana Baana ensure that the Taana Baanah fabrics are superbly fashioned, skillfully detailed and cautiously finished, so that each design have artistic look.

Young Girls especially likes Taana Baana dresses due to its gorgeous prints collection and trendy designs. Taana Baana is the ideal fashion industry for the young blood and women.

Recently Taana Baana launched their latest collection for this summer eid-ul-fitar. This collection consists of All range of embroidery on dresses. In Tanna Baana brands are Staple,Khadar, Lawn, Swiss, Irish etc. It is Eid Summer Lawn Collection especially for young fashionable blood, girls and women who like to wear trendy and stylish dresses. Three piece suit Choridar pajamas, dupatas, long shirts, are available in this Taana Baana collection. More images are below.

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